Print Catalogue FAQs

What’s the advantage of having a print catalogue?

A print catalogue is a great marketing tool. Leave them in professional/doctor’s offices, spas, staff rooms and other places people gather. Some people will always prefer to see things in print.

Will the print catalogue be available for our customers to download from our online catalogue?

Yes, if you purchase the print catalogue add-on, we will add a link to the downloadable PDF document from your online catalogue website. That way you have the option of printing them and distributing them yourself or encouraging your customers/supporters to print and distribute them on your behalf.

What information do I need to provide for the Print Catalogue

All of the information in the print catalogue will be taken from the information provided for the online catalogue. It is essential that the photographs you provided be high resolution (300 dpi). We can re-size large images to be smaller for the web but are not able to make small images bigger so that they look good in print.

Click here for a complete Print Catalogue Checklist (PDF) that itemizes all the details needed.

I’m not sure that we want the Online Catalogue. Is it possible to purchase only the Print Catalogue?

At the present time, the Print Catalogue is only available as a value-added product to complement your Online Catalogue. If there is sufficient interest, we may consider offering it separately in the future, however the cost of the Print catalogue as a stand-alone product may need to be adjusted.