Online Catalogue

Can you imagine a button on your website that says “gift catalogue” that links seamlessly to a page where people can scroll through YOUR catalogue online and purchase right then and there?

How does that work?

Well, we:

  • Customize your online catalogue with your organizational details, logo, etc.
  • Customize the catalogue to include:
    • – up to 6 categories (1 category = 1 picture + text (250 characters))
    • – up to 25 items (1 item = 1 picture + text (250 characters))
  • Customize the colours
  • Give you a shopping cart that puts donations directly into your PayPal account or alternatively, allows visitors to pay by cheque.

Shoppers can buy as they look!

What does it cost?

You pay only $150 for a one-time set up fee, plus an annual fee of just $299.00, or $30 per month!

What does that include?

Up to 6 categories and up to 25 items of your choice.

What if I want to customize further?

Additional customizations are available for a surcharge.