Online Catalogue FAQs

Why have an online gift catalogue?

An online gift catalogue gives people examples of the wonderful things you do for your community and encourages them to contribute to your organization. The easiest way to donate is online. It saves staff and volunteer time. If you can drive people to your website, then all they have to do is push a button and shop online – it will come as a donation directly to your PayPal account. It’s easy for them and all you have to do is send the gift card (and, if you are a registered charity, a charitable receipt).

What information do I need to provide so you can build our online catalogue?

You will need to provide category descriptions, item descriptions, prices and images as well as organizational details and the email attached to your organization’s PayPal account.

Click here for a complete Online Catalogue Checklist (PDF) that itemizes all the details needed.

If you are planning to purchase the print catalogue as well, please make sure that all the images you provide are high resolution (300 dpi). We can re-size large images to be smaller for the web but are not able to make small images bigger so that they look good in print. The Catalogue Checklists will give you specific details of photo requirements.