About Us

Community Gift Shop is a project of TechnicalitiesPlus, an innovative company that is committed to using technology and internet marketing to support non-profit organizations in achieving their goals. This includes a wide range of exciting products built specifically for you. Examples include:

  • Compelling websites
  • Online training
  • Auction sites
  • Shopping carts
  • Online community forums
  • YouTube videos
  • Gift catalogues

The Managing Director of TechnicalitiesPlus, Donna Enright, had extensive experience in the non–profit sector, before changing careers to develop the highly creative company that TechnicalitiesPlus is today. For each project, Donna oversees a team of people, drawn together for their expertise and the needs of the customer.

The President of TechnicalitiesPlus, Gena Robertson, has over 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector, in senior management, community development and innovation. She chairs national networks, and is passionate about helping non-profits succeed. She is the creator of the highly acclaimed School’s Cool program, and is co-creator, with Donna, of the Gifts from the Heart Catalogue.

For more information about the work of TechnicalitiesPlus and the amazing team that make up the backbone of the company, please visit our main website at www.technicalities.ca