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Community Gift Shop is a resource made specifically to encourage community support for non-profit organizations at a local level.

We know that non-profit organizations struggle to secure enough funding to support the work that they do.  We also know that many people choose to make donations to worthy causes in lieu of exchanging gifts during holidays and other special occasions.

So we have created an affordable way for non-profit organizations to reach out to their local communities and provide the opportunity for people to purchase gifts that really make a difference.

Community Gift Shop is a customizable catalogue of items that reflect the important work of your organization.   Community members who purchase from your catalogue know that their gifts are making a difference in your community in a very concrete way. (A note to purchasers states that examples used as part of the Gift Catalogue are symbolic and are intended as examples, not specific purchases.  Contributions will be used to support the programs and services of your organization.)

Your catalogue can be customized to be specific to
YOUR project, YOUR needs and YOUR location.
It’s so easy!

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